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Coexisting with cows and keas

Past event - 2019
21 May 7pm - 9:30pm | Ticket holder entitles the bearer to a house beer/wine/non alcoholic beverage
Brew Union, 39-41 Broadway Ave & 78 King Street,
Palmerston North 4410
Sold Out!

Jon Huxley


What have cows ever done for us?

Cattle are remarkable animals; there were one of the first species to be domesticated and farmed and they are now ubiquitous and indispensable in almost all societies globally. This Pint of Science talk will describe how aspects of bovine anatomy have evolved to cope with the myriad of different environments which they inhabit. Our research has demonstrated how a detailed understanding of this anatomical structure and function can help us treat and prevent disease and ensure the health and wellbeing of this extraordinary species.

Brett Gartrell


Kea in trouble: why being smart, inquisitive and hungry has led to the endangered status of a native New Zealand parrot

Kea are innovative problem solvers and ranked as one of the smartest species of bird in the world. These cognitive abilities have been shaped by the resource-poor mountain habitat in which they evolved. These survival traits have put kea in direct conflict with the human colonisation of Aoteoroa. Research on kea has highlighted the many ways in which kea have struggled to co-exist with humanity and the current efforts being made to conserve this taonga species.