Other events in Whanganui

The state of our environment, from the mountains to our waterways

Past event - 2019
21 May 7pm - 9:30pm | Ticket holder entitles the bearer to a house beer/wine/non alcoholic beverage
Mixx Craft Beer Bar, 379 Victoria Ave,
Whanganui 4500
Three speakers will discuss a variety of the work undertaken across the Horizons Region - from managing hill country erosion and the tracking of sediment to aid water quality, to the impacts on freshwater ecosystems and collecting, validating and communicating the data.

Facilitated by Horizons Regional Council Environmental Scientist Raelene Mercer. 

Dr Simon Vale

Talk: Hill country erosion and fluvial forensics
Organisation: Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research

The talk will discuss how tracking sediment techniques can help create links between sediment, water quality and managing hill country erosion.

Logan Brown

Talk: Tales of our rivers
Organisation: Freshwater and Partnerships Manager – Horizons Regional Council

This talk will present the latest state and trends of water quality, and what it means for our freshwater ecosystems, in the Horizons Region.

Brent Watson

Talk: The devil is in the data – Tech me out
Organisation: Environmental Data Manager – Horizons Regional Council

This talk focuses on the complexities of collecting and validating environmental data, as well as ways of providing this information to the public

Final Panel Talk: Ask the experts

This is an opportunity for the audience to ask questions of our three scientists in a panel discussion.